Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I send My SOC offering?  The Save Our Children offering is due on May 17th, 2021 to the district office at: 

NC District Office PO Box 3226  Lumberton, NC 28359

Given things have been "shut down" what is my SOC offering funding? SOC is a major underwriter to world, national, and local ministries...many of which have never stopped functioning.  Save Our Children is still the major driving force to seeing thousands of children receiving the baptism of the Holy Ghost.  In North Carolina it is almost completely underwriting Jr. Bible Quizzing.  It has kept the NC Jr Camp the same price for the last 9 years due to your giving!  The NC CM team is currently planning several Holy Ghost rallies on a local level for the fall of this year. See:

My child is 7 years old.  Can they attend camp? Although we want everyone to attend camp as much as possible, we have found that children under 8 do not enjoy camp as much.  This is because of the profound change of schedule, staying with numerous strangers, separation anxiety we do not allow campers under 8.  Since the night services are available to everyone, many have found it a wonderful time to bring their young children.  Some even stay in hotels nearby in Dunn or Fayetteville for a night or two. 

Can I help as a Jr Helper at camp? Jr. Helpers are a huge asset at Jr. Camp...if they are there to help. We realize that Jr. Camp is exciting for everyone involved.  Given we are overwhelmed with requests to help each year we have set up an application process and a $25 fee.  You will be notified if you are selected to help.  Everyone is welcome to attend our night services and enjoy the time of fellowship, prayer, and ministry. 

If I participated in the "Big Prize Promotion" does that still apply to my church?  Yes.  Local churches apply that to their overall offering.  Local churches are also required to let their sectional or district leadership know of a child that has qualified and excelled so that they can be rewarded.

What exactly is the "Big Prize Promotion"? It is simply a means to reward and recognize children for excelling in raising SOC funds. See our SOC page for flyer.  Money needs to be in to the district due date of May 17th. Cool rewards, cheezy name. 

What COVID precautions will be taken? In short, we hope to be restriction free by July.  Restrictions, recomendations, and mandates are fluid. We will work to follow CDC guidance at the time of camp. CDC guidelines.

What can I expect at Camp if I am new? The facility is wonderful.  The sanctuary is big and beautiful.  The dorms aren't bad.  The beds aren't extremely comfortable, but not terrrible. We work hard to fill requests when possible.  Generally, we place churches together (boys with boys, girls with girls). Everyone is fed 3 meals a day with some snacks in between.  They will eat very well at camp.  The day is full of fun activities, recreation, and classes. The evenings are reserved for praise, worship, and "kid-style" church services.  Our night services generally see many children filled with the baptism of the Holy Ghost.  The NC CM staff works hard to assure a fun and spirt-filled experience. 


1. Complete full Eventbrite Registration (click the fyler).

2. Have your pastor complete all recommendation forms (click the flame).

3. See you at camp on July 13th!



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Rev. Jacob Hedrick


NC CM Secretary

Rev. Jon Scarboro


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Rev Shawn Burch


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Rev. Burtt Johnson


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Rev. Ronnie Timmons


Jr Bible Quizzing

Sis Shelly Blalock 

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